Excel Martial Arts
in Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to Excel Martial Arts, offering kids karate classes, adult karate classes, and adult krav maga classes in Las Vegas, NV. The HONBO DOJO is  led by Sensei Catalin Neagu – aka Nick – a 5th Degree Black Belt with over 40 years teaching experience in the field of martial arts.

Excel Martial Arts offers a safe, enriching and satisfying experience for students of all ages, both young and old alike. Our kids karate classes are based in the Shotokan Karate style and offer different age groups classes to challenge and help your child progress. Starting at age 4, your child will be among other new students at a similar skill level. Our Krav Maga classes, are for students 12 years and up, as well as for karate students Level 4 and 5. We also offer Nun-chaku and Bo staff classes.

8221 W. Charleston Blvd, Suite #100-101
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117

We are located on the SW corner of Charleston and Cimarron – just east of Durango!




1 Week Free Classes!



1 Week Free Classes!



Due to COVID, Excel is temporarily cancelling the Fitness Kickboxing classes.

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FREE Stranger Danger Workshop
October 13th, 2019

We will be teaching kids how to stay away and be aware of strangers and how to protect themselves from bad situations. We will teach them how to properly handle and stay away from certain areas and teach them techniques that can save their lives.

Kids will learn awareness of stranger and learn the following:

  • Confidence
  • Stay away from people you don’t know
  • Staying with the parents

FREE Parent’s Night Out

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Excel Martial Arts!


FREE Krav Maga Workshop
September 14th, 2019

This is the beginning of a monthly FREE Krav Maga Workshop, hosted by Sensei Nick. Come and learn some new and exciting aspects of Krav Maga!

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Games, activities, friends and tons of fun! Sounds good doesn’t it? Contact us today to schedule your next birthday event and make sure their special day puts a smile on everybody.


10 Five Day Camps

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  • Training with intensity at the appropriate skill, age and with flexibility in class schedules that allow you to meet real life demands. Great people!!

    Thomas R.
  • This is a wonderful place for kids go learn to defend themselves and at the same time alert and discipline!

    Norma C.
  • One of the BEST martial arts and fitness studio in Las Vegas. And the instructor "Nick" (Catalin Neagu) was my former training partner in Romania: one of the most talented and professional karate and krav maga teacher.

    Mario S.
  • My 3yr old goes here and he loves it. They have patience with him on his off days...which every parents should know those are most days. He goes 3 times a week and looks forward to it every time!

    Ann P.
  • Nick is an awesome instructor, patient with my girls. My girls will remain in this long term.

    Tanya A.
  • Sensei Nick works very hard at creating a sense of community at this dojo. The children support each other no matter the age and their abilities. It's a great dojo!

    Ritzie G.
  • Sensei Nick is a great instructor and amazing martial artist. I grew up training with him. He's very knowledgable and has always invited us to his events. As one of his former assistants (joe) his kids program is very solid. It's fun and a variety if activities that involve games through training through karate. I have used some his methods into our school. Sensei Nick is stern in his training methods but understands to stay current in today society for karate. Thank Sensei for showing some tips! Osu!

    Lorenzo S.